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हिलसाइड कलेज अफ इन्जिनियरिङ्गबाट सञ्चालित गौरीशंकर इङ्लिस बोर्डिङ स्कुल बालकुमारी इमाडोलको लागि एकजना Admin, Finance and Public Relation Assistant आवश्यक भएकोले ToR बमोजिम कार्यक्षमता प्रदर्शन गर्न इच्छुक स्नातक व्यक्तिले ७ दिनभित्र तलको वेभसाइट मार्फत निवेदन पेश गर्नहुन सूचित गरिन्छ।  

Hillside College of Engineering Balkumari, Koteshwor,



Send your CV at : jobs@gebss.edu.np

Phone: 015203132, 015147207


TOR for Admin, Finance and Public Relation Assistant

  • Full Time  
  • Qualification: Bachelor or equivalent
  • Capable of motorcycle driving with the required license 
  • Salary: Negotiable 
  • Regular performance appraisal by Principal and extension of service can be every year based on the satisfactory performance of the person and the continuing need for the position                         

Job description


  • Assisting the Principal, Vice-principal and providing necessary support to the entire academic team in delivering their duties
  • Allot task to admin staff and does regular supervision of their work.
  • Drafting documents and note-taking in meetings, proofreading and transcribing required documents, and also doing necessary correspondence under the guidance of Principal and Vice-principal 
  • Ordering office supplies and communicating with vendors under the guidance of Principal 
  • Distributes mails, organizes files, schedules and carries out general office administration-functions 
  • Receives and answers telephones, and provides telephone support to all teaching and non-teaching staff of the school
  • Conducts general analysis of data and information and preparing reports in relation to various activities of the school 
  • Supervision of cafeteria/canteen and its operation
  • Coordinates with academic staff and performs other related administrative duties
  • Maintains and keeps files up-to-date.
  • Performs other related duties, as assigned by the principal
  • Deploys admin support staff as necessary


  • Preparation of the annual budget with supporting documents (narrative and required tables) with respect to finalization of cost estimates and budget proposals, in terms of staff and non-staff salaries and other expenditures 
  • Assists Principal in the elaboration of resource requirements for budget submissions
  • Supports the Principal in extracting information and generating expenditure reports from computerized information system databases; 
  • Reviews requisitions for goods and services to ensure (a) correct objects of expenditure have been charged, and (b) availability of funds
  • Verifies accuracy of input data and ensures consistency of data in previous expenditure to new expenditure voucher
  • Records the daily income and expenditure
  • Analyses of the extracted information and the reports generated and highlights areas of concern for the attention of the Principal and School Management. 
  • Prepares timely and updated financial report of the school including budget performance submissions
  • Identifies and annotates bank account movements and ensures periodic reconciliation of accounts
  • Prepares monthly, trimester wise, bi-annual, and annual budget reports, cross-checks consistency of figures in tables with the text of the reports, and verifies references to other reports and documents, bringing errors to the attention of the Principal; 
  • Verifies accuracy of input data, ensuring consistency of data in previous expenditure to new expenditure issued. 
  • Analyses/compile data and other information required by the Principal and School Management in the review and analysis of relevant proposals including relevant activity-based funds
  • Monitoring expenditures and comparing with the approved budget and preparing adjustments submissions as necessary
  • Preparation of budget performance submissions and finalization of budget performance reports, also analyzing variances between approved budgets and actual expenditures
  • Prepares pre-encumbrances and obligations and reviews them to ensure that funds are available and the correct account has been used. 
  • Prepares financial statements and management reports. 
  • Prepares updated record of tax related to teachers, programs, and overall school efficient utilization of financial resources. 
  • Handles petty cash for emergency use 
  • Correspondence on behalf of Principal with respect to inquiries related to financial and budget matters.
  • Maintains and keeps files up-to-date.

Public Relation (PR)

(a) marketing

  • Coordinate and write the prospectus of School’s in both hard copy and online for all levels (pre-primary to senior secondary) 
  • Generate ideas and inputs for the development of new e-marketing materials - Gather market intelligence and working with the principal to analyze the results of the marketing plans
  • Arranges digital marketing by promoting the school on various social media (i.e. Facebook and Instagram etc.)
  • Publicizes the strengths of the academic faculties of the school
  • Promote the profile of the School as a whole to external audiences
  • Gather information on competitor schools and programs
  • Drive marketing campaign of school for admitting best students to meet the set goals
  • Write and produce marketing material (brochures, posters, flyers, etc) for the School’s programs, liaison with the relevant academic staff to update content as necessary
  • Create fresh and up-to-date web content
  • Updating the School’s Facebook account and website
  • Collate materials and edit contents for the school’s e-newsletter and circulate to internal and external audiences
  • Prepare the media mobilization plan and act as the liaison between the school and media 
  • Prepares indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns
  • Prepare marketing collateral for the School’s corporate relations activities
  • Represent and promote the School at local, regional and national promotion programs and also organize promotional events and exhibitions for school
  • Select promotional merchandise for exhibitions and for use as corporate gifts
  • Maintain a photo library and arrange external photoshoots and filming with placement students and alumni as well as in-house photoshoots with School staff and students 
  • Proactively searching out information for PR purposes 
  • Coordinating the School’s annual graduation prize-giving ceremony
  • Update the School’s PR notice boards
  • Study market trends and implementing recent ideas to upsell the student enrollment
  • Market analysis including post-event analysis & planning for new programs development
  • Assist to Organize other School events: and act as the major speaker of events etc.

 (b) Student support

  • Assess student’s problem through detailed conversations, interviews observations, and administering a questionnaire to determine the actual problem
  • Arrange individual discussions with students and their parents for giving them educational and occupational information
  • Listen to students, asking necessary questions, and developing effective strategies to improve their situation for continuing studies on a normal process
  • Actively help students in coping with stressful situations. 
  • Maintain complete secrecy about discussion done about the student with the teacher, student, and parent or guardian.  
  • Support students regarding proper study habits and assist them in their development.  
  • Work with student and parent and develop achievement goals for student in collaboration with them
  • Record the student’s progress and adjust the supporting plan accordingly
  • Arrange orientation programs for teachers to enlist their cooperation regarding student((s)
  • Refer the serious medical cases to the medical personnel or health centers 
  • Prepare an up-to-date list of the informational and referral resources
  • Disaggregate individual, educational and occupational information in relation to students
  • Organize career days, career weeks, career conferences, parents’ days, etc.  
  • Arrange talks by experts from different fields.  
  • Disseminate the information through educational and career talks, group discussions and film shows, etc.  
  • Prepare guidance leaflets, brochures, and monographs and get them printed for distribution to the students.  
  • Introduce Cumulative Record cards and get them maintained with the cooperation of other members of the teaching staff and use these cards in guiding the students.  
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.  

Expected competencies, skills, and attributes

  • (a) Competencies
    • Competency in using Microsoft Office -word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation packages
    • Competent in handling MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Outlook
    • Ability to operate general office equipment, such as a copy machine, fax machine, multi-line telephone system, and scanner.
    • Knowledge of, and ability to apply financial rules, regulations, and procedures in the school environment, and operates in compliance with organizational regulations and rules; 
    • Knowledge, skills, and ability to extract, interpret, analyze and format data across the full range of finance and budget functions and database management and treasury operations. 
    • Ability to identify and resolve data discrepancies and operational problems. 
    • Identifies priority activities and assignments; adjusts priorities as required; allocates appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work; 
    • Foresees risks and allows for contingencies when planning; 
    • Assists Principal in adjusting plans and actions as necessary; 
    • Takes ownership of assigned responsibilities and honors commitments; 
    • Delivers outputs within prescribed time with cost and quality standards; 

(b) Skills  

  • Understanding of promotional practices and good knowledge of market research techniques, statistical and data analysis methods
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • An enthusiast with influencing and negotiation skills
  • A team player with a customer-oriented approach
  • Prepare s different types of social media posts for the school
  • Excellent management and communication skills including high standards of written communication, grammar, and spelling Information management skills 

(c) Attributes

  • Belief in each individual; 
  • Respect for individual human values; 
  • Alertness to the world; 
  • Open-mindedness; 
  • Understanding of self; 
  • Professional commitment.  
  • Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results
  • Motivated by professional rather than personal concerns
  • Persistence in coping with difficult problems or challenges and remains calm in stressful situations
  • Self-motivated to achieve targets, 
  • Ability to think outside the box and positive attitude